We are an appointment only spa.

→ All dog prices based on Breed, Size, Type and density of coat; base pricing applies to small dogs.

   All services are based on a regular maintained schedule of 6 to 8 weeks (some dog types require more maintenance i.e. doodles and other type mixes). Additional charges for excessive coat overgrowth, dematting, unkempt double coats, fleas, skin issues, hand scissoring, coat stripping, hair dying, aggressiveness etc.

Bath Services

Base pricing: $30
*Starting with small short-haired dogs.

Doodles: Due to the different sizes and largly ranging coat types doodle pricing varies.

Baths include two baths:
1st. for washing oil and dirt away
2nd. to get the coat clean then conditioner on those dogs/coats that require it.

Total blow dry by hand (no cage dryers here) brush and/or Shed treatment (depending on dog type and needs), nails trimmed and filed (if dog permits), teeth brushed (if dog permits), and ears cleaned.

Trim Services

Base pricing: $40
*Starting with small dogs.

Trims include everything in Bath section with an added Face trim Feet trim and keeping those hygienic areas clean.


Base pricing: $60
*Starting with small dogs.

Haircuts include everything in the bath section. Our staff can accommodate any style breed standard to any thing custom.

Cat haircuts
Base pricing: $85

Cats will only be bathed if medically necessary.

ALA cart walk in services:

  • Nails clipped and filled
  • Quick face and butt trim
  • Soft paws to cover nails on cats and dogs; please call to ask questions.

2185 3rd st S, Jax Beach, FL


904-624-8864 for texting only

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